Charity Partners

Flock Cancer Idaho’s mission is to raise funds to support breast cancer fighters, survivors, families, and programs in the Treasure Valley. With no paid staff, 100% of the proceeds from the Flock Cancer Event directly go into the programs that will benefit women with this disease. In our first two years, we have raised close to $100k for our charity partners. We continue to ensure we find partnerships that directly support our mission to raise awareness and help detect and support programs related to breast cancer in the Treasure Valley.

In our first two years, we’ve partnered with two amazing programs. The YMCA Oncology Program in Boise is an amazing therapeutic program for women of all cancers to benefit from and is a program that our Founder, Leslie Scantling, holds close to her heart. The Oncology Recovery Program is designed to meet the needs of cancer survivors before, during, and/or after treatment in a safe and supportive environment. Research shows that when geared specifically to the patient, exercise is safe for all physical levels of ability.

Flock Cancer Idaho has also supported the amazing team at Bustin Out Of Boise.  Bustin’ Out of Boise originated with a group of women walking together for breast cancer. They became a nonprofit in 2013 with their mission to FILL THE GAP for women who are going through cancer treatments for all cancers, by providing housecleaning services, childcare, food, transportation to appointments and other needs. They are proud to be starting their second decade of compassion here in the Treasure Valley.

Flock Cancer Idaho selects its charity partners by listening for the needs in our community and talking to our fellow survivors.  Charity partners are assessed by impact, mission and function to align with Flock Cancer’s mission and goals.  We strive to ensure we are supporting local organizations that help women and families thru their difficult cancer journeys.  If you are interested in being a charity partner, please email info@flockcanceridaho.