Flock Cancer Idaho is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness about breast cancer and focuses on fundraising for breast cancer fighters, survivors, families and programs.   Every year, we hold the Flock Cancer Street Stroll to celebrate and raise awareness and funds.  We strive to be an excellent source of resources and information to support our Treasure Valley cancer community.


Flock Cancer Idaho is dedicated to honoring and celebrating breast cancer survivors, fighters, and their families. We are dedicated to using our voice and annual event to raise funds as well as awareness for vital Treasure Valley cancer support and care programs.


To make a positive impact on the lives of breast cancer survivors, fighters, families and programs here in the Treasure Valley.

Core Values

Purpose: Never give up and continue to fight because no one fights alone.
Commitment: Committed to honoring the legacy of and celebrating Treasure Valley breast cancer survivors, caregivers, and their families.
Reliability: Take pride in what we do as individuals and as an organization and represent ourselves in that manner every day.
Outcomes: Be known for integrity, follow-through, and achievements.
Originality: We embrace continuous improvement, creativity, and change.
Learning: We challenge our organization to learn and grow.

“I am so honored to step into the space to throw this event for our valley survivors and families.  Having an annual event was so important to mom and I as survivors and to make it our own and grow something new for the survivor community has been so humbling.  We get to take something dark and turn it into light for so many.”

Leslie Scantling, Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder Flock Cancer Idaho, Mother Flocker


We’re dedicated to using our events and voice to help with vital Treasure Valley recovery and support programs that can improve the cancer journey.  Here are some of the high-profile ways we have tried to make a difference in our community.

Flock Cancer's Impact 2021
Flock Cancer's Impact 2022


The Flock Cancer Street Stroll began in 2021 when the Komen organization announced they would no longer host an event in Boise. Breast cancer survivor mother daughter duo Leslie Scantling and Barbara Rhoades, both treasured the annual event to come together with their friends and family to mark and celebrate their survivor survivorship.  When no event was planned for the valley, they stepped in and took it upon themselves to start a new tradition.

The duo began planning the pink flamingo-themed Flock Cancer Street Stroll along Boise’s historic Harrison Boulevard. The local garden center, Franz Witte, donated their iconic flock to bedeck Leslie’s front lawn as she had decorated with them in the past….the theme seemed natural to continue on.

Participants were able to stroll a loop up and down the boulevard, enjoy homeowner’s decoration and cheering sections, and included getting to walk through a balloon arch to ring the pink bell in celebration of their cancer journey and then celebrate at the Flock Party with pictures and a festive pink atmosphere.

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